lucy cordes engelman en barbara rink
the heart is green
15 June 2024 - 22 June 2024

bradwolff projects

In The Heart is Green, artists Lucy Cordes Engelman and Barbara Rink present the first iteration of their research surrounding plant immersion and eco-ecstatic forms of creation at Bradwolff Projects. For this new collaboration, they have immersed themselves in the plant life of Air Candide, a small allotment garden-turned-art residency in Amsterdam, while exploring various artistic methods of embodied making. Affected by plant consciousness, expanded sense perception, and other interactions in the field, their artistic outcome is changed and shaped into new forms.

Since the Enlightenment, there has been a prevailing view in the West that the universe is essentially dead material and that conscious life is limited to ‘man’. While that perspective is finally shifting, the artistic world has remained more limited concerning interacting with the spiritual aspects of the natural world. Thinking and being with plants, combined with a search for the esoteric hidden lives of the elements, renews an openness to the unknown aspects of our wider atmospheric cosmos in which plants have a central role. Pairing the philosophical and material realities of plants with personal ecstatic experiences with plant consciousness, Cordes Engelman and Rink playfully explore the spiritual and bodily possibilities of
ecological awareness.

Opening: Saturday 15 June, 16.00 – 18.00 hrs